Drip, Drip

That’s the sound of water dripping through the light fitting in our kitchen. The aforementioned water ended up pouring through the ceiling because our 7 year old (who should know better) thought it was a good idea to empty several plastic jugs of his bath out of the tub.


One side effect of my recent workplace relocation should be the acquisition of approximately an LPs worth of listening time a day going to and from work. I’ve decided therefore to use at least some of this time to try and broaden my horizons by listening to some of the many magazine compilation CDs piling…

Are Books The New Rock n roll?

In the interests of doing something different, I thought I’d bring together some book and rock criticism in this posting. (If you don’t like sci-fi skip the italics!) Alastair Reynolds is one of my favourite sci-fi authors.

After The Fact

One thing I haven’t had time to do since I started blogging is network with other sites. However one blog that did come to my attention via the good offices of the Triffids forum is Post Punk Junk.

Meek Surrender

Last night saw my first gig of the year with Idlewild’s sold out show at Celtic Connections supported by De Rosa.

Heaven Help Me!

    In the last few days my stats for visits to the blog have increased substantially. A good thing, one would think. However, worryingly the numbers increased after I mentioned the Crazy Frog! Who’d have thought being item 13 on page 263 of a Google search could be so effective? Back to the music….