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One thing I haven’t had time to do since I started blogging is network with other sites. However one blog that did come to my attention via the good offices of the Triffids forum is Post Punk Junk.

A veritable archive of music it’s difficult to believe that anyone with an interest in the period couldn’t spend days in here without getting lost.

A recent post on PPJ caught my eye. The entire Gordons LP was posted as a zip and I thought I would post a track from the Futureshock EP in response.

This is a record I genuinely was unsure of at first. It sounded just too fast at 45 rpm. And 33 (not 33 rpm) was written prominently on the label on both sides. Was it that rarity – a 12″ single which actually played at 33rpm? Or were the songs actually just played fast? It actually seemed to work both ways. In the end, on the basis of the timing of the songs, I decided to stick with the conventional speed

I can’t actually tell you much about the band. The record dates from 1980 but didn’t receive any currency in the UK until 8 or 9 years later, probably on the back of the exposure Flying Nun label received at the time with bands like the Chills and the Clean. PPJ describes the Gordons as “Sonic-Youth-meets-The-Fall-meets-The-Clean”. Nothing to add, m’lud.

The Gordons – Future Shock

I’ve no idea where or even if you can buy Gordons records. Try Ebay, I guess.

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