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Isa & The Filthy Tongues live

I keep putting off returning to my Myspace Jukebox Jury feature because I don’t have enough time to listen to anyone! So, as a stop gap (MJJ back soon, promise!), given that the focus has been on older stuff recently, I thought I’d look back to one of last year’s discoveries.

Through a series of events I was lucky enough to catch Isa & The Filthy Tongues at last year’s Baby Tiger Fest

and was very impressed both by their set and a subsequent rummaging of their Myspace site.

Their album ‘Addiction’ had just come out (more or less) and the combination of gig and Myspace led to a swift purchase. I really enjoyed it, such that it featured at number 4 in my top 9 LPs of last year. The records is something of a cross between a poppy PJ Harvey and the Pixies (particularly on the instrumentals which open and close the record).

In the live context singer Stacy dominates the stage with the besuited Martin Metcalfe and Finn Wilson providing a sober counterpoint on either flank and I saw them again in November although that show was let down a bit by the sound early on. (Incidentally the show may well appear online at www.nexuslive.com soon)

Anyhow here’s one of the standout tracks from the record with lyrics that I hope are meant to be funny!

Isa & The Filthy Tongues – Dreamcatcher

Buy Filthy Tongues records here. For more music visit their Myspace.

They play Nice’n Sleazy in Glasgow on 17th March. They’re well worth catching live.

UPDATE – And check this out. (Thanks, Stephen)