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Having established the blog in the last few weeks it’s time to devote slightly less time to it for a wee while. So instead of almost daily postings I’ll be aiming for one every two days (and they may even be shorter!).

Today’s track is by almost forgotten Scottish band Scars.

After a series of excellent singles they released an LP, ‘Author! Author!’ in 1981. Poppier than the early singles the LP is about to finally be reissued on the band’s on Pre VS label and is available from here.

Remastered and complete with additional singles and B-sides, guitarist Paul Research has been promising this release for some time and hopefully it will reach a wide audience this time around. It’s a great LP (even if there is a school of thought that it didn’t live up to the early singles) and anyone with an interest in post punk music really ought to own this.

Scars – Your Attention Please

Scars will appear on TOTP2 on BBC2 on Saturday 3rd March playing ‘All About You’ (the single from the LP) from an Old Grey Whistle Test appearance.

Strange but true – Scars were back (?) in the charts a couple of years ago when their ‘Horrorshow’ single (sadly not on the new CD) was used as the basis for Lemon Jelly’s ‘The Shouty Song’.

Lemon Jelly – The Shouty Song

And, yes, there is a Myspace (which includes ‘Horrorshow’!)

Buy the record. My cheque is almost in the post …


  1. John Greer says:

    Good work Mr M….I wasn’t aware that Author Author was about to be released, I’m really excited about that…my cheque will be in the post very soon. keep up the good work. hopefully we might even see an appearance by them soon/ any chance ???

  2. Hi John – glad I’ve helped point you in the right direction a wee bit quicker although I know you would have got it at some point.

    No word of a reformation as far as I can tell but if TV21 can do it …

  3. Ed says:

    Always good to hear more Scars stuff! Thanks

  4. John Greer says:

    if anyone is going to buy the Scars album….here’s the wonderful service I received…on Sunday 25th Feb I paid by paypal at 8.30p.m and the cd was delivered this morning, Tuesday 27th…..all done by Paul Research himself !!!!

  5. Good to hear John – Paul must be waiting for my cheque to clear!

    Hope you’ll be buying it too, Ed.

  6. Ed says:

    But of course. Tracking down the original 7″s would be even better… : )

  7. Yes, I’m waiting for the cheque!

    Cheers, Paul

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