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I confess I’ve not got a lot to say about today’s track from Edinburgh’s Joyriders (not to be confused with a more successful dance band of the same name.)

They had their roots in the Cateran who were often compared to Husker Du, buta parently only ever released 2 EPs, only one of which I own. Their official webpage is on Myspace here and they only recently appear to have officially split up.

From the first (I think) EP, here’s the title track from 1992.

King of Gasoline

I guess Ebay’s your best bet for the Joyriders EPs. I didn’t think this posting would cost me any money (unlike the last two) but if I go looking for the missing EP, then it could!


  1. Dunsy says:

    Apart from a one-off “farewell” show last year the band never played together again after 1994. You can contact us through the myspace page to get a free remastered CDR copy of the 2 eps and some BBC session tracks. We wouldn’t want to trick the kids twice.

  2. SJ says:

    If it is the same CD that was at the Farewell Gig,free(but donations to charity,Sick Kids Hospital(?)).It is well worth getting.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    The Cateran were indeed compared to Husker Du,and if i recall backed up Grant Hart at his show at the CAlton Studios(?=studio 24,i think it is called now).

    loadsa bands used to play there,back when Edinburgh had a thriving gig scene.
    Nirvana(i think their tour manager was brother of Murdo?,maybe how Big John from The Exploited was in the band for a wee while).
    Who else……Fugazi,Tad,Mudhoney,Gumball(?),L7 and loads more i cannot recall at this time on a saturday nite.sunday morning .coming down.

    excellent site btw

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