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Idlewild - Celtic Connections

This week’s second new LP is Idlewild’s latest ‘Make Another World’, their first since leaving EMI Parlophone.

There must be a fear that the LP will be lost under the weight of impressive LPs so early in the year. That perhaps explains why this LP marks something of a return to basics.

It’s been widely portrayed as a close relative of second full length LP ‘100 Broken Windows’ and, whilst it’s true it’s their heaviest record in several years, to me the comparisons don’t hold a great deal of water. This feels more like a band in control of their own destiny rather than the band which was still learning to harness the chaos of the first two records in making ‘100BW’.

Make Another World

It’s also wrong to portray ‘Make Another World’ as a record which ignores the increase in the scope of their songwriting evident on ‘In Remote Part’ and ‘Warnings/Promises’. Certainly even the more ambitious songs on this record all feature their fair share of loud guitars but then no Idlewild record has ever before used a vaguely jazzy trumpet as an outro, as on ‘Future Works’, which also still manages to recalls ‘Satan Polaroid’ from the debut ‘Captain’ EP.

More than ever before though this sounds like Rod Jones’ LP – regardless of the tenor of the songs, his guitar playing leaves its mark all over the record as he blossoms into a full blown guitar hero.

I did feel hearing some of the songs live back in January that there is increasingly an issue of how Idlewild continue to develop. Certainly, give or take the odd inch, they seem to have staked out their territory fairly precisely – the download single ‘If It Takes You Home’ (a song young S has already declared as ‘cool’) is at one end, thrashy, fast and brutishly short, whilst the likes of ‘Finished It Remains’ is at the opposite, more reflective end of their spectrum. The truth is you could say that about most of their records, it’s just the emphasis placed on the various elements which changes from record to record.

But Idlewild remain a band who write excellent, intelligent rock songs and that’s more than good enough this time around to dispel any concerns over direction.

From the LP, here’s the second track, surely a potential single.

Idlewild – Everything (As It Moves)

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