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Mercury Rev

It’s about time I fell back on that old blogging stand-by, a tour of other blogs.

Pride of place goes to the Vinyl Villain because JC sends a fair amount of traffic my way. TVV is unfeasibly prolific and having had the privilege of staying at Villain Mansion earlier in the week, it’s fair to say that JC’s enthusiasm for music isn’t restricted to his blog!

Next up is 17 Seconds. Of the limited number of blogs I’ve perused this is the one that seems to most closely reflect my own interests. So if I haven’t heard of a band that Ed features, then I’m definitely interested.

Dorfdisco Braunsfeld was the first blog to spontaneously link to me – to my Gordons piece. Herr Ärmel operates with only a little crossover with MPT which makes DDBF an interesting place to visit.

A blog that’s been going for less time than MPT is Last Night From Glasgow Indie Eyespy which seems to do exactly what it says on the tin. Run by Rowan and Chris, they reviewed Kristin Hersh and that’s good enough for me.

They also link to another KH Glasgow review on The War Against Intelligence which looks like the Herald reviewer. John also reviews the Arcade Fire Barras show – who’s stalking who?

JC has also pointed me in the direction of Song, by Toad. Wildly entertaining stuff.

Finally, not a blog, but the Triffids Forum is a kind of nice place, even if I’m getting slagged off for enjoying the Arcade Fire show.

Also last orders, please on the following tracks:

Aereogramme – Black Path
The Chameleons – Nostalgia
The Decemberists – The Crane Wife 3
The Golden Virgins – I Am A Camera
The Gordons – Future Shock
Paul Haig – Heaven Help You Now
Howling Bells – Low Happening (BBC Session)
Idlewild – A Film For The Future
New Order – Temptation (7” version)
Throwing Muses – Doghouse

And with reference to today’s heading, I finally listened to the final tracks on the Ballad of the Books compilation yesterday and started on the second lap very quickly thereafter. It’s sounding good but I’ll get back on this one next week.

Finally, a song. When touring ‘Deserters’ Songs’ Mercury Rev were possibly the finest band on the planet. I always thought this one would have fitted in really well with their 1999 live set but I don’t think they ever played it;

Mercury Rev – Empire State

Empire State (Son House In Excelsis), to give it its full title, is on both ‘See You On The Other Side’ and the ‘Stillness Breathes 19891-2006’ Best Of compilation which I have barely had a chance to listen to since I got it. You can buy both here.

Photo by Karel Thant from the Mercury Rev official site


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    You’re being a bit modest here, for I have said before that it was your efforts over at MMMM over many previous years that helped pave the way for what I do.

  2. Ed says:

    Thanks very much! keep up the good work yourself,


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