Shattered by It All

A short post as a consequence of being totally wrecked after my rock’n’roll weekend in Glasgow and not having time to finish my Arcade Fire review this evening.

And The Light Is Dazzling

Last night saw the first in a double header of keenly anticipated shows with Kristin Hersh at the Oran Mor in Glasgow. Let’s get one thing clear from the off -Kristin is one of my all-time heroines. So it surprises even me that last night’s show was the first time I’d seen her play solo.

Century 21 Boys

I’ve only briefly mentioned TV21 on the blog so far but the fact that they are supporting the Fall this week gives me an excuse to talk about them again.

You Just Have To Be Who You Are

This week’s second new LP is Idlewild’s latest ‘Make Another World’, their first since leaving EMI Parlophone. There must be a fear that the LP will be lost under the weight of impressive LPs so early in the year. That perhaps explains why this LP marks something of a return to basics.

Euphoric Hysteria

It’s a big week for releases but most things are going to be dwarfed by Arcade Fire’s long awaited ‘Neon Bible’. Given that both their records to date have been growers, it’s probably not a great record to review on a few listens, but here goes nothing.

February Playlist

My postie remains busy – today has brought both the Arcade Fire LP and the ballad of the Books compliation through the letterbox. Before I get a chance to comment on these, here’s MPT’s February playlist: