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Another purchase on my week off was the latest single by iLIKETRAINS, ‘Spencer Perceval’ which not only came in 10” format but also lasts almost 10 minutes.

Things I’d read about them suggested a band which I might be interested in. Since a 10 minute single seemed a slightly perverse way to trail a new record and I’d listened to the song once on their Myspace and was unexpectedly faced with a rack of vinyl singles in FOPP I decided to splash out my 3 quid.

I do like the single. Reminiscent of Hope of the States’ more post-rock instrumental outings, the gothic vocals add an appropriately arcane atmosphere to a song sung from the point of view of the assassin of the only British Primer Minister to die this way in office. Such subject matter is apparently an iLIKETRAINS speciality. Perhaps the best way I can compliment the record is that it really never feels like a 10 minute single.

Flip side ‘I Am Murdered’ is the other side of the coin – the viewpoint of the murdered rather than the murder. The other tracks on their Myspace are all interesting too so I will add both last LP Progress Reform and the new LP to my growing wish list.

The longest song to appear to date on MPT:

iLIKETRAINS – Spencer Perceval

The single is available on CD as well as 10” and I would urge you to buy it of you like the song. The LP will be released later in the year. Here would probably be a good bet for iLIKETRAINS records to date.

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  1. Ed says:

    Thanks for posting this -have gone out and bought the 10″.

    Keep it up!


  2. Always good to hear of people buying the records, Ed. As you know, that’s the whole point.

    10″ singles are good though, aren’t they? I have a few from back in the day and I’ve got another 2 or 3 in the last year or so. They seem to be in vogue again.

  3. Ed says:

    And long may it continue. The fact that both Fopp stores in Edinburgh have started doing vinyl (one for the first time, in 2007!) makes me feel that vinyl can last. heh heh… : ))

  4. It was always the Achilles heel of FOPP as far as I was concerned – no singles (well other than massive ones). So it’s nice to see them stocking a wider range.

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