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The Right To Be Wrong

Not a lot of time this evening (or for that matter, energy) so a quick posting about one of the bands which has so far attracted a perhaps surprisingly high proportion of searches that reach the blog.

I’ve written already twice about James King and the Lone Wolves and there are a couple of good replies to the ‘Wolves Lower’ post, particularly Doug’s reminiscences of a non-Lone Wolves King gig in Dundee.

So I thought I’d post a track from the final JK record I own. After the demise of the Lone Wolves, King formed Fun Patrol (named after the Lone Wolves’ song) and as far as I’m aware there was only ever the one single. But it was terrific and here it is:

Fun Patrol – The Right To Be Wrong

Released as the lead song on a 3 track EP on the Thrush label, ‘The Right To Be Wrong’ is perhaps King’s most accessible release but, with his voice on it, it’s never going to be easy listening. Inexplicably the single was omitted from the great Jock’n’roll Single Poll.

Your best bet for this would be to scour the second hand shops of Caledonia (or maybe Ebay).


  1. duffpixie says:

    Thanks for this and The Angels know. You are a star. It’s just brought back how much I liked these guys. We used to go see them play all over Glasgow and further a field and there was always an undercurrent of menace. It just made the gig all the much better. You are right, though, they deserved a far wider audience than they actually managed.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying it. Maybe next month I’ll post a live track from the video. Any requests?

  3. interesting says:

    fantastic song, I’d like this to be played at my funeral

    gies a shout, I have something that may interest you ….

  4. John McGowan says:

    James King was my big cousin, I remember hearing this track sitting in a small flat in Govan hill in the early 90`s, in the flat was Jim McColl (James King) & Joe Sullivan (Guaitarist – Funpatrol).For me the track on the flip side should have been the main track. Cheers John.

  5. rockitboy says:

    I was a DJ at Strathclyde Uni in the early 80s, knew Dave Scot, the Lonewolves manager, and saw the LWs a few times up at Level 8. Intense!

  6. Fabs says:

    What a fantastic EP – Yes, it’s just right now spinning on my turntable.
    Vastly underrated, great fun and each of the three tracks could have been an A-Side.

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