I thought it was about time to catch up on my reading. So far this has been a year in which I’ve only read in small chunks and therefore it’s taken me ages to finish any one book. I finally finished ‘Accelerando’ by Charles Stross a few weeks ago and, whilst sometimes taking a long time to finish a book isn’t a good sign, this time I’d certainly recommend it to anyone with an interest in sci-fi.

A family saga of sorts ‘Accelerando’ is set in the near, far and very far future. For me, it doesn’t have a particularly strong narrative but it more than makes up for that by virtue of the fact that it’s packed with ideas ranging from the scary to the bonkers.

The first, near future, section of the book is for me the most successful. Not a word is wasted in an explosion of ideas which echoes the information overload of the story. Its frantic pace always seems in danger of leaving you behind but you stay with the plot. Just.

The intensity lessens somewhat from thereon in and the second section in particular isn’t easy to follow. Or maybe I’m just thick. But Stross’s writing is so imaginative it keeps you reading.

The rock’n’roll connection comes with the fairly minor plot point that the hero Manfred Maxx has effectively made the record industry obsolete by freeing the music. Which doesn’t please the mafia who have bought all the rights …

I couldn’t find any indication of Mr Stross’s musical tastes, so here’s something almost entirely at random with something of a sci-fi slant.

The Flaming Lips – My Own Planet (from ‘Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid’)

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