Working My Way Back To Sane

I’ve now seen De Rosa more often than TV21 in the last 6 months and if last night’s trip to Edinburgh to see them turned out not to be quite as consistently stellar as the Tut’s gig a few weeks ago it was nevertheless still a good show.

Moan Moan Moan

I’ve slept on this but haven’t woken up feeling any better so… Here is the track I’d most like to hear a work colleague sing at karaoke:

Everything Breaks

At the weekend I posted a track from the Woodentops and, as ever, research unearthed some background I wasn’t aware of.

Hello Stranger, Remember Me?

It’s a small world. The other night after emailing a friend from university days, I was prompted to try an online search for another friend from that time, whom I lost touch with over a decade a go when she left the country. And a name and country of last known residence plus Google put…