Aereogramme 3

Disappointing to read yesterday that Aereogramme are about to call it a day.

I confess that my introduction to them as a support to the Delgados in Dundee back in 2000 was not encouraging – in fact I pretty much hated them. But I found a way into their back catalogue via the Chem087 compilation and ‘Black Path’ (which I’ve posted before) and currently own their second LP ‘Sleep and Release’ and their recent ‘My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go.’

Both are really good records with the latter is quite a move away from the angrier, metallic former. But I don’t buy the fact that ‘Sleep and Release’ is a metal LP – it’s too varied for that. The other week when ‘Indiscretion #243’, the opening track on ‘Sleep …’ came on the CD in the car at first I couldn’t place its Pixies-ish intro. Confirmation if any was needed that I am going senile. Anyhow Indiscretion is a fantastic blast of a song whilst ‘Barriers’ from ‘My Heart …’ illustrates the sweeping ambition of that LP.

Aereogramme – Indiscretion #243 (from ‘Sleep and Release’)
Aereogramme – Barriers
(from ‘My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go’)

Their current tour will therefore be their last and I am thinking about attending their last headlining gig at the QM in Glasgow on 16th June, although they’re also playing the Connect Festival. Tickets here for both. There’s also a new download single ‘ A Conscious Life For Coma Boy’ available from Chemikal.

Buy Aereogramme records and downloads here.

Photographer: Jayne Duncan © 2003