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While replying to Ed’s comment about Talking Heads this morning, I happened to mention that I felt that that band’s latter day career was based on pop. That led me on to thinking about how, in recent years, the term pop has been misappropriated in the name of all that’s bland. Yeah, I’m thinking Pop Idol and X-factor and the thousands of wannabes chasing that ill-starred dream.

This is probably something that younger readers might not agree with but for me pop music is about a good melody, pure and simple. It doesn’t have to be the current slick soulless pap – it can be guitar based too. Or any other style really.

So in an attempt to reclaim pop music for the righteous from the Simon Cowells of this world here are three diverse examples of certain failures as X-Factor contestants but which for me represent great pop songs:

Belly – Feed The Tree (from ‘Star’) (Buy)

Julian Cope – Try, Try, Try (from ’20 Mothers’) (Buy, buy, buy)

The Woodentops – Good Thing (from ‘Giant’) (Buy)

If you like the above songs then please support the artists by buying their LPs either through the links or in your local record shops.


  1. Ed says:

    Jeez, I’m gonna look like a mad stalker here! Seriously, bought both Belly and Julian Cope CD singles when they came out, so glad to see someone else flagging them up too.

    You are utterly right about pop being misappropriated – I would have used the term teeny-bopper, which I think hits the spot about right!


  2. No, please keep stalking, Ed. It makes it look like someone’s reading!

    I notice you haven’t mentioned the ‘Tops, so you can probably have a day off to Monday or Tuesday’s planned post. 😉

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