Hello Stranger, Remember Me?

Frank Black

It’s a small world. The other night after emailing a friend from university days, I was prompted to try an online search for another friend from that time, whom I lost touch with over a decade a go when she left the country. And a name and country of last known residence plus Google put us back in touch again! Small world indeed.

Anyhow to celebrate this, here’s a song from the year we last met:

Frank Black – Hang On To Your Ego (from ‘Frank Black’)

Frank’s self-titled debut solo LP was not particularly warmly received by the press at the time. But it’s a record which to me holds up well. The above track was the single from the record with Mr Black emphasising his surf roots by not only by releasing a Brian Wilson song as his first post-Pixies material but also by sticking a 10 minute track called ‘Surf Epic’ as one of the B’s.

You can buy Frank Black solo LPs here.

Photo from 4AD.com


  1. falski says:

    Cracking album Mike. I heard it on one of the listening posts at Virgin Records in Aberdeen where I was studying at the time, liked it, bought it, then loved it. I’ve not dug it out for years though, I’ll have to do so tonight…

  2. Ed says:

    Always loved this cover. have dipped in and out of the solo career, but the bits I have heard i have really enjoyed.

  3. Hi Falski. Didn’t know you were still paying attention. I almost put a track up from Sugar’s Beaster mini but decided it wasn’t too celebratory!

    Ed – I certainly don’t own all FB’s solo work either. I had everything up to and including the first Catholics LP but it was very, very ordinary. Dog In The Sand’s good though as are the 2 LPs released on the same day, Devil’s Workshop and Black Letter Days, one of which contains a non-instrumental version of the Pixies’ Velvety.

  4. falski says:

    Yep, still paying attention – got your rss feed on subscription and I click through on the rare occasions I see something I’ve heard of, or vaguely recognise! I used to have a copy of Beaster on cassette but it’s long gone… remind me what was on that? Copper Blue was right up my street and was always on heavy rotation, I seem to remember that the girlfriend of the time preferred Beaster though, so it got played whenever she was round.

  5. Beaster’s the 6 track mini which followed Copper Blue although it was recorded at the same time. It’s harder edged for sure so that ex-girlfriend sounds like she had issues! An essential re-purchase if you’ve lost it.

    May I recommend De Rosa, malcolm Middleton or Kristin Hersh even if you’ve not heard of them? And you might as well join the growing legion of James King fans while you’re at it!

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