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the Woodentops

At the weekend I posted a track from the Woodentops and, as ever, research unearthed some background I wasn’t aware of.

The ‘Tops were a great singles band but they never quite made the LP they were probably capable of. Their early run of four singles from ‘Plenty’ through to ‘It Will Come’ were all frenetic gems with some great B-sides. Which made ‘Good Thing’, the more muted lead single for their debut LP ‘Giant’, something of a disappointment initially. It was a grower though and a good pointer for the LP as a whole as it replaced the energy of the early singles with a pop sheen.

I saw them live a couple of times around about this time and they were also a great live band playing the songs bloody quickly. (Check out the ‘Live Hypnobeat Live’ for proof.)

Second LP ‘Woodenfoot Cops On the Highway’ was preceded by a double A sided single with ‘Stop This Car’ an excellent electronic take on their early sound whilst the flip ‘You Make Me Feel’ was much more in keeping with the ‘Giant’ material. The LP though was very patchy and I confess I lost interest.

The Woodentops actually reformed last year and the purpose of this post is to flag up a Glasgow date on 15th June at King Tut’s. (Tickets here.) Bizarrely they appear to be playing Warsaw the very next night.

As a trailer here’s probably the best of the early singles:

The Woodentops – Well, Well, Well (from ‘Live Hypnobeat Live’)

Woodentops records reissued are available here. Woodentops Myspace here where you can download a version of ‘Stop This Car’.