Moan Moan Moan


I’ve slept on this but haven’t woken up feeling any better so…

Here is the track I’d most like to hear a work colleague sing at karaoke:

Malcolm Middleton – A Moaning Shite

Originally the B-side of ‘Break My Heart’, ‘A Moaning Shite’ is interesting because it’s the one song he’s released which flags up his love of heavy metal. The more sharp eyed amongst you may also have noticed the Iron Maiden wrist band he was wearing at his Glasgow show in February.

The Vinyl Villain’s favourite 😉 from ‘A Brighter Beat’, ‘Fight Like The Night’ is out as a single on 2nd July on Fulltime Hobby – no word of a B-side yet. Malky is playing a few festival dates over the summer including T in the Park and a date next weekend in Amsterdam with another 6 Scottish bands including the mighty De Rosa. I was on the point of persuading Mrs MPT that we needed a weekend in Amsterdam when I discovered the format and suspected you would get just 5 or 6 songs from each band.

So it’s off to see De Rosa in Edinburgh tonight instead. Review tomorrow.


  1. Sell-out bastard!!!!

    He’s just ruined my holiday……

  2. Ach, dinnae be a moaning shite, JC! 🙂

    You are where you are and I’ve just had to fend off nearly 1300 spam emails.

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