We Interrupt This Blog To Bring You The Football Result


I don’t talk about football often on here (I don’t need to, I talk about it elsewhere more than enough) but I’m going to this evening.

Yesterday the whole family travelled to Scotland’s National Stadium to watch my adopted home town team in the Scottish Cup Final (and, no, I’m not talking Dunfermline, in case there’s any doubt).

Despite a brave effort the team couldn’t recover from the loss of a first half goal in spite of some tremendous backing from what seemed like half the town and if the closing stages weren’t the Alamo, then they were at least the Alamo’s baby brother. But, as is often the case in such situations, the ball stubbornly refused to go between the sticks and the team travelled home with runners-up medals.

To sum up the last 25 minutes of the game, here’s a song:

Band of Susans – Hope Against Hope (from ‘Hope Against Hope’).

Buy Band of Susans LPs here. More on them to follow soon …


  1. stephen says:

    God I love this band. So much. “Here Comes Success” is a masterpiece IMO.

  2. They were a great band – I just wish I’d had more chances to see them although 3 times isn’t bad.

    Would love it if Robert returned to writing song based stuff some time soon.

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