What Do You Mean Am I OK?

The following is an extract from a post on Throwing Music by Billy O’Connell, Kristin Hersh’s husband and manager, in the wake of 2 breakdowns of the tour bus on Kristin’s current American tour:

Pop Music

While replying to Ed’s comment about Talking Heads this morning, I happened to mention that I felt that that band’s latter day career was based on pop. That led me on to thinking about how, in recent years, the term pop has been misappropriated in the name of all that’s bland. Yeah, I’m thinking Pop…

The Steep Approach To Garbadale

Another book finished – and, by this year’s standards, in rapid quick time too. How did I manage this one so quickly? Well, I’ve always liked Iain Banks’ stuff and when he’s so minded he can write very readable stuff. That seems to have been the case with his new mainstream (e.g. no middle ‘M’)…


Disappointing to read yesterday that Aereogramme are about to call it a day.

Should Have

I should have been at work this morning but S’s first act after he got up was to be sick. So I’m home for a few hours on emergency childcare duties. I also should have been writing about Emma Pollock’s show in Dundee last night but decided to give it a miss to ensure that…