Lazy Weekend

Which is exactly how I feel like spending this weekend. The last week or so has caught up with me and I’m going to take it as easy as one of the MPT cats pictured.

Daydream Days

A casual browse online the other day brought some welcome news. Sonic Youth are to bring their ‘Daydream Nation’ tour to the ABC in Glasgow on 22nd August.

TV21 – Liquid Room, 7th May 2007

I tend to think that I rarely do great music justice when writing about it – it’s probably the hardest thing I find to commit to virtual paper. So I’m going to have to raise my game to describe Monday night’s TV21 set at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh supporting From The Jam.

Up Late At Night Again

I’ve been so tired for the last couple of days that the thought of travelling to Glasgow for a late night to see De Rosa at King Tut’s last night was almost too much to contemplate. In truth, I very nearly didn’t go.

Hello Again

Without a spare minute to myself since Tuesday due to work and other commitments, I’ve been neglecting MPT substantially since then.

Pumped Full Of Drugs

I’ve got a cold just now and as it’s been lingering for over 2 weeks now it is definitely getting to the really annoying stage. Hence the need for a little pharmaceutical assistance.