FOPP Flops?

After recording the demise of ‘Is This Music’ earlier in the year, it pains me to have to comment on the apparent loss of another significant music industry player in Scotland. Today’s business pages were awash with rumours of the demise of UK independent chain FOPP and the fact that my local branch was closed…

Some Random Thoughts

Coming soon, the Kissaway Trail LP reviewed. But in the meantime … There’s finally a release date for Emma Pollock’s debut solo LP on 4AD, ‘Watch The fireworks’. Well, I think there is. I think I’ve seen 17th September quoted for the LP preceded by a second single ‘Acid test’ on the 3rd but I…

Putting The Accent On Success

There’s been something of a trend in recent years for Scottish bands to actually sound Scottish when they’re singing . However if you go back 20 years you would find the late Stuart Adamson saying he sang with an American accent because that’s how you sang rock music. To the best of my recollection the…

When Saturday Comes

  Back to the books and last week I completed ‘Saturday’ by Ian McEwan. McEwan is one of those authors of whom I was aware without having read but it’s easy to see why his books are not only so highly regarded but also sell well.

TV21 – Citrus Club 22nd June 2007

Maybe it gets counter-productive banging on about the same bands over and over again. Maybe people switch off if I mention De Rosa or Malcolm Middleton. Or TV21. Which would be a pity.

Driving Ambition

I’m set for more live entertainment this weekend and anyone thinking it’s likely to be either De Rosa or TV21 would be right!