Can’t Count


I had intended to mark the momentous occasion of my 100th post with a mega-post. It was therefore with some consternation, minimal admittedly, that I noticed that yesterday’s Band of Susans post was actually that milestone when I had actually thought it was only my 99th.

Now Band of Susans are worthy of marking any landmark but at 2 songs it was a rather mean offering for my century.

The megapost therefore is postponed until post 102 as I have tomorrow off work to look after the kids and will have time to dig up all the tracks I’m looking for.

Instead today I would like to thank Terry from Fits and Starts for a nice email the other day. The notion of me with my paltry readership recommending another blog they won’t have heard of to anyone is a little laughable but if you haven’t done so you should certainly check out Fits and Starts.

So for Terry here a couple of alternative versions of songs he has recently posted about:

Magazine – Boredom

The Delgados – Ballad of Accounting

The Magazine track is taken from the largely disappointing box set ‘Maybe It’s Right To Be Nervous Now’. The compilation features a rehash of the Scree compilation and Play live album on 2 of its 3 CDs. However the third CD is a gem and is worth the price of admission alone giving 15 Peel Session tracks an official release. The Magazine LPs were all issued in remastered form recently and should be owned by everybody. Go here.

The Delgados’ cover, ironically inappropriate given my introduction, is taken from the rather wonderful ‘The Complete BBC Peel Sessions’ double released last year. Great versions of non-LP sessions and LP tracks as well as a lot of covers, it’s an essential purchase as well. Go here.

Finally thanks to Mr Toad for bringing the WordPress player gizmo to my attention.


  1. Ed says:

    Delgados are always good! (and magazine were pretty damn good too). Well done on reaching your 101st post, looking forward to the big post.


  2. Thanks, Ed. I thought I’d post on my favourite 10 Scottish LPs to push me in the direction of voting in the Jock’n’Roll poll.

    Will the Delgados make it into MPT’s Top 10 Scottish LPs? Anyone on tenterhooks?

  3. Ed says:

    How could the Delgados NOT make it onto anyone’s Top Ten scottish LPs??!?

    I await with interest : )

  4. Damn, you’ve seen right through me! Still you came back … 😉

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