Myspace Jukebox Jury (4) – Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts

Yeah, I know it’s been a long time. There have been a couple of bands recently whose work I’ve been encouraged to purchase after a brief check of their Myspace (The Twilight Sad and The Kissaway Trail) but I bought the records so quickly that I wrote them up as ‘proper’ reviews rather than a MSJBJ.

Not so Desert Hearts. I referred to discovering a new band in my Spectacularly Useless posting and this is them. Obviously I’ve been slow here as they’ve been around for ages. Arriving at them via De Rosa (Martin Henry is listed as an official band member, busy lad) their Myspace features 3 tracks from their debut LP ‘Let’s Get Worse’ from 2002 and just one from last year’s follow-up ‘Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki’.

What impresses me most is that the 4 tracks are all quite varied. They’re not startlingly original but I like the melodic sensibility of the tunes. So, let’s get the formal business over with first:

Manic rating – 5
Pop rating – 6
Thrills rating – 9

So Desert Hearts are a big hit on the MPT Juke Box and the second LP at least is hopefully winging its way towards me as we speak.

Here’s a couple of tracks featured on their Myspace:

Desert Hearts – dsr (from ‘Let’s Get Worse’)

Desert Hearts – Sea Punk (from ‘Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki’)

You can buy ‘Hotsy Totsy …’ direct from Gargleblast here. ‘Let’s Get Worse’ seems to be available either here or here.

Photo borrowed from here.