Cut Off In Their Prime (1) – Flying

Throwing Muses

I listen to a lot of music in the car and up until getting a car with a CD player that meant listening to tapes. However tapes are only 45 minutes or so long and sometimes the tape would run out just in the middle of the last track on a record.

So I thought I’d celebrate those tracks. First up is the final track off the self titled Throwing Muses LP from 2003. It is, frankly, a belter, so I make no apology for returning to TM once again. Here it is in all its non-truncated glory.

Throwing Muses – Flying (from ‘Throwing Muses’).

‘Throwing Muses’ should not be confused with the band’s untitled debut LP from 1986 and was up to that point the fiercest record Kristin Hersh had recorded. It’s very much a rock record and is certainly not the Muses’ most accessible LP. But it’s well worth persevering with and is available here (in the UK) or here (for the US).