Knocked Out, Drunk & Loaded


Thanks to excellent service from Resonance, I am now the proud owner of Desert Hearts’ second LP ‘Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki’. And you know, what? It’s great.

At its core is a clutch of crunching rock songs. ‘Sea Punk’ is still my favourite but that’s possibly only until I get to know the others a little better. ‘Gravitas’ is a taut, strung out kind of song which always seems on the point of climax. Yet when it does you can’t help but be surprised at its ferocity. ‘Central Line’ is more insistent, the choruses offering some release from the driving guitar.

There’s some pop here too. ‘Ocean’ is one up tempo example – careering along nicely with Roisin’s vocal pitched somewhere between Kim Deal and Kristin Hersh. And Desert Hearts can do downbeat too – ‘Urchin’ is Americana influenced whilst the title track, with its strings, leans more towards folk.

From the Myspace tracks I was expecting a varied album but it’s great when a band can be just as successful within a divese range of styles.

At the same time I got the ‘Gravitas’ 7” single and its B-side, ‘Hammer and Frogs’ is just as good as anything on the LP.

I like this lot a lot and I’ll no doubt get the first album soon too. Here’s a couple of tracks from the LP to hopefully convince you that HTN is worthy of your attention.

Desert Hearts – Central Line
Desert Hearts – Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki

Buy ‘Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki’ here.