In The Hothouse


The Sound

Today’s post is a follow-up to a recent post on the Sound. After their raw debut LP, their second, ‘From The Lion’s Mouth’ was a far more polished affair produced by Hugh Jones, who also produced the Bunnymen’s ‘Heaven Up Here’.

Even though the LP’s single ‘Sense of Purpose’ was excellent, the more commercial production didn’t yield the sought after success. But the band persevered with the approach on a non-LP single:

The Sound – Hot House (7” single)

Needless to say the record wasn’t a hit, in fact it isn’t as strong a song as ‘Sense of Purpose’. The approach changed again for the band’s 3rd LP, ‘All Fall Down’ and, as the single didn’t fit in, it languished in obscurity (except for a live version on the band’s live LP, er ‘In The Hothouse’) until it became a CD extra on the reissues.

Curiously, although I have all the LPs, I never saw them live because they never played in Scotland after 1981. Even more curious is the fact that according to the excellent Brittle Heaven website they seem to have spent 10 days in Scotland in September 1980 playing no fewer than 5 dates in Fife. Can this really be the same band?

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