A Soundtrack To Our TV Lives (3) – Sharks Infest The Waters

Jonathon Donahue

More familiar sounds emanating from our TV screens of late. Mercury Rev‘s ‘Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp’ has been used with the trailers for a new Channel 4 programme, ‘Dumped’ (which apparently records the attempts of 11 brave souls to live off (and on) a rubbish dump.

Assisted by a Chemical Brothers remix, ‘Stomp’ was actually a Top 30 hit for the Rev on the back of the critical adulation which greeted its parent LP, ‘Deserter’s Songs’. At the time (late 1998, early 1999) the Rev were just about the best band on the planet and if the LP is great (even if a departure from their earlier stuff) then the live shows were phenomenal. I saw them live 5 times in the space of 9 months and these shows are all documented here.

The song itself:

Mercury Rev – Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (from ‘Deserter’s Songs)

Buy Mercury Rev records here.


  1. Ed says:

    such a great album, and the Chemicals remix was ace too. Finally saw Mercury Rev live at T in the Park in 2002, which blew me away.

  2. That was one gig I missed, which in retrospect I find difficult to believe since Sonic Youth also played on the same day! First time I saw the Rev playing was supporting Bob Mould in London in 1998 (funnily enough at the same gig from which the live track further up the page is taken) and they were wonderful. I saw them at T in the Park the following year and there is a BBC recording of most of that set (they missed out the older songs – boo!). Might post some of that at some point.

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