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Marc Riley and the Creepers

My last post mentioned Marc Riley in passing so I thought I’d follow that particular thread today with a brilliant, forgotten single from the mid 80s.

Riley is perhaps best known as a radio DJ, initially as side-kick to Mark Radcliffe and now in his own right. But I first came across him as a member of the Fall and then in a solo career following his departure from Mark E Smith’s outfit. In fact I wasn’t initially sure that the 2 Marc Rileys were the same person!

I’ve this notion that a couple of his early singles passed me by but that wasn’t the case with ‘Shadow Figure’ released in October 1984. Certainly it has a typically, grey mid 80s low fi production, (not surprising given that it’s a Peel Session recording, produced in fact by Radcliffe) but it succeeds spectacularly in transcending those limitations:

Marc Riley and the Creepers – Shadow Figure (12″ single)

I never investigated the Creepers further, so have little further to add other than the fact that they released 3 studio LPs in the day. You may find some of them here.

Photo borrowed from here.


  1. Kippers says:

    I’d recognize that voice anywhere! Great stuff. Thanks for that.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kippers. It’s a great song.

  3. Kippers says:

    It really is. Hearing that song has convinced me to try my luck tracking down one or two of the Creepers’ albums on eBay!

  4. That’s the trouble with these blogs – they just keep costing you money! Sorry …

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