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Dig Yourself Deep

Anyone going along to catch the Undertones at the Glasgow, Garage tomorrow is well advised to get along early as TV21 will be supporting (tickets still seem to be available). The slot has been in the offing for some time but has only been recently confirmed. Hopefully one outcome will be to attract extra people to TV21’s headline show at the Accies Club on the 27th (tickets here).

But it’s the Undertones who feature in today’s post. The band this week released ‘Dig Yourself Deep’ on Cooking Vinyl their second LP since reforming a good few years ago now. Like predecessor ‘Get What You Want’, this LP majors on the short, sharp pop thrills of their first 2 LPs first time around. In fact, the songs are probably even shorter than on GWYW with nothing breaking through the 3 minute mark and some even over in half that time. Their only concession to advancing years is lyrical with songs more likely to be about struggling marriages than chocolate and girls.

But whilst the pace remains high throughout (the only real ballad on the record is ‘Move Right In’ and it’s great) the ‘Tones mix up the songs rather well thanks to the different approaches taken to the guitars in each song. At the moment, I probably prefer the songs that breathe at least a little such as ‘Everything You Say Is Right’ or ‘Fight My Corner’ but the truth is this is an LP with very little filler. They previewed 3 songs last year in Aberdeen and it says a lot about the quality of the tunes that, from that one listen, 2 of these are recognisable here.

‘Dig Yourself Deep’ is simply good unpretentious fun and if you’re looking for a new punk/pop album then you could do a hell of a lot worse than check out ‘Dig Yourself Deep’. Certainly it deserves a better fate than ending up in the bargain bins as GWYW ultimately did.

I’m afraid I’m not offering an MP3 from this LP to illuminate my praise. It seems that ‘The Tones aren’t in favour of giving away MP3s themselves (even their Myspace only features clips) and certainly not of other people giving away their tunes (as is entirely their right). So instead I’ll point you in the direction of the Dig Yourself Deep mini-site at which you can hear four of the songs.

To coincide with the LP, the band have set out on a ‘weekends-only’ UK tour which started last week and resumes tomorrow night in Glasgow. Thereafter they reach Carlisle, Wolverhampton, Norfolk, Holmfirth, Newcastle before reaching Edinburgh on my birthday where they will again be supported by TV21. A report will follow in the due course of time. You can get tickets for some of the tour here.

You can buy the LP here or download it here.


  1. MikeB says:

    Thanks for the info, I’d no idea that there was a new album out. ‘So Close’ is right up my alley and very TPE-esque. Nice one. CD just ordered from Amazon.

  2. Glad to be of service MikeB. Bits of the last LP sounded like TPE as well, of course, but it’s funny how Paul can move between Feargal and Steve M. Although the one that most sounded like TPE off GWYW was credited to all 5 of the band, not John!

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