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Bob Mould live

Bob Mould – Circle of Friends (DVD – MVD Visual 2007)

The new Bob Mould live DVD, ‘Circle of Friends’ arrived in the mail the other day and it’s absolutely superb. A record of the closing show of his 2005 full band tour from Washington DC’s 9.30 Club, ‘Circle …’ is a blast through the highlights of his extensive back catalogue featuring not just songs from his solo career but also Husker Du and Sugar classics.

It is a blistering recording, brilliantly capturing the full on Mould live experience. Whilst I wasn’t at this particular gig it was a reminder of the fabulous London show we’d seen earlier in the tour with exactly the same setlist.

Highlights? Well, the majority of Sugar’s ‘Copper Blue’ was played and the opening triple salvo of ‘The Act We Act’, ‘A Good Idea’ and ‘Changes’ is tough to top although the run of Huskers songs from ‘Hardly Getting Over It’ through ‘I Apologize’ to ‘Chartered Trips’ comes close.

The best of Bob’s last solo LP ‘Body of Song’ also stands up well to the classics with a particular highlight being the incendiary reading of ‘I Am Vision, I Am Sound’.

What is clear from the DVD though is what a great band this is and it seems that they will continue to play with Bob in future.

If you need a reminder of this man’s genius, then buy this DVD. (Here, perhaps)

And here, from the DVD is the 2005 version of one of the greatest rock songs of all time:

Bob Mould – Celebrated Summer (from ‘Circle of Friends’)

Bob has a new LP out early next year called ‘District Line’. I’m looking forward to it already.


  1. Terry says:

    I’m thrilled to see someone else that recognizes the sublime brilliance of Celebrated Summer. The finest moment from one of the all-time great records, New Day Rising shook my world in the fall of ’85. Bless you, boy.

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