Myspace Jukebox Jury (5) – The Phantom Band

Throwing Bones

This wasn’t a conscious decision to revive this feature, but rather an impulse in aquiet moment to follow up a link in the last Chemikal Underground mailout.

The Phantom Band are Chemikal’s latest signings and, judging by their Myspace, a good one. There are 4 tracks on offer which illustrate that this isn’t a band that’s going to be easily pigeon holed. However, as stab at that, they perhaps are something like Sons and Daughters mixed up with maths rock (and I am overly familiar with neither of these reference points!)

You can hear both sides of their single (released in July) at Myspace. The A-side, ‘Throwing Bones’ is brilliant, whilst the B-side is an instrumental which takes us back towards post-rock territory. You can still get the limited 7″ from Trial and Error whilst the e-version is available here.

The other 2 tracks on the PB Myspace are at least a step removed from these two songs – ‘Crocodehl Dundee’ is another instrumental, it reminds me a bit of Battles without the Pinky & Perky vocals, and it’s even better than ‘The Riff’ whilst ‘Dethalle’ features vocals and is slower perhaps more bluesy than the single.

Here for an extremely limited time only is a low bit-rate version of the A-side:

The Phantom Band – Throwing Bones (single – buy it)

The Phantom Band are playing a headline date on Friday 2nd November at the ABC2 in Glasgow – try their Myspace for tickets.

The even better news (for me, at leas,t since I can’t go on the 2nd) is that they then support Malcolm Middleton on his 2 Scottish dates in December – at the ABC in Glasgow on 5th and at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh on the 6th. Tickets here.


  1. damien tonner says:

    the phantom band are even better live. i hope they do an album soon, as i don’t think any of the stuff thats outb there compares. the drumme=ing has to be seen to be believed.

  2. Damien, I’m looking forward to seeing them support Malcolm Middleton next month. If I had more time I’d go through to Glasgow tomorrow.

  3. I can’t wait for an album from the phantom band. I’ve seen them live 3 times now and each time I’ve had a new experience – like a completely different band but not in a bad way. They are a band with so many subtleties in their immense wall-of-sound that you hear something different each time. They were brilliant at the Malcolm Middleton gig, but why did they have to be before Make Model on the bill?! And such a short set as a result!

    Make Model make me feel a bit nauseous too. They sound like they could have been a pretty good band at one point but some expensive kit and slick production later and they remind me of Deacon Blue. Not for me. And I’ll be honest and say that the phantom band were by far the highlight of my night, despite shelling out for a ticket to see Malcolm.

    I’m so surprised the phantom band weren’t picked up by one of the bigger labels, but I’m glad Chemikal Underground have stepped in. As a Mogwai fan and a central-belter, I’m glad that my new favourite band are sticking close to home.


  4. I take it you saw the review of the Edinburgh show, Stephen? I’ve put photos up on flickr as well now. But I was seriously f***ed off at missing almost all the Phantom Band. Still hopefully there will be plenty of chances to catch them next year.

  5. Jamie says:

    glasgow’s best kept secret… but not for long me thinks!

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