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The Big Sleep (2)

My preference for physical product meant that I had to wait a few weeks to receive my CD of The Big Sleep’s new LP ‘Sleep Forever’. But it’s been worth the wait (and strong evidence for the benefits of the MP3 as promo tool).

But to the record first. Compared to their debut ‘Son of the Tiger’, ‘Sleep Forever’ jus sounds much more confident. Whereas on SOTT, TBS would meander, this time out there is little in the way of prevarication. The approach is much more direct with a brasher sound.

The instrumentation too is broader in scope, there are more keyboards (even an organ), the odd acoustic guitar and male vocals.

And when they do the results are stunning. The sequencing on “side 1” is perfect, starting slow with the sparser “Intro” and ‘Slow Race’. By the time of the aptly named ‘The Big Guns’ momentum is gathering, heralding the start of the LP’s real sonic assault. ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Pinkies’ are just awesome, every bit as good as ‘Murder’ from the debut LP, but going beyond it. Check this out:

The Big Sleep – Pinkies (from ‘Sleep Forever’)

Inevitably “side 2” doesn’t quite match these standards but it’s all good stuff retaining the attention throughout. Simply put, this is a band catching fire – with a vengeance.

The only slight reservation I have surrounds ‘Organs’. It may just be my age and a sensitivity to the worst excesses of the 70’s but this one does suggest the notion of Rick Wakeman on top of some column in the spotlight, cape billowing in the dry ice. Younger readers may not have a clue what I’m blethering about and for that, be grateful!

‘Sleep Forever’ doesn’t seem to have a physical UK release at the moment but you can download it here. If you want to you can buy it from French Kiss Records in the US here.

So, MP3s as a promo? It’s what the blogs are all about, of course, and to illustrate their power I’m writing this piece having bought both Big Sleep LPs in the last 3 months on the strength of downloading ‘Pinkies’ from here. Happy shopping.

Photo by Jeff P Elstone II


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