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Treeless Plain

The second Triffidsposting of the week. The remixed, remastered debut LP ‘Treeless Plain’ finally arrived through the letter box yesterday and it is unbelievably, fantastic.

‘Treeless Plain’ was the first Triffids record I ever bought on the back of seeing them support Echo & The Bunnymen twice on the same day. The live show at the time was a fierce, gothic maelstrom so the more refined tones of the LP were something of a surprising discovery. Even the band admitted that they had never caught the essence of their live sound on the first 2 records.

So what’s remarkable about the remix is that it manages to pull off the not inconsiderable trick of retaining the feel of the original yet still bringing some of the power of the live shows to the table. Listening to the record it is no less than an improved version of an LP that I love. It’s also probably the LP which has benefited most from the reissue treatment, even more so than ‘In The Pines’.

Song wise, ‘Treeless Plain’ is very, very strong indeed, perhaps topped only by ‘Born Sandy Devotional’. To my mind there are only a couple of tracks (out of 12) which suffer any dip in quality at all and plenty of classics. And, it is of course supplemented by half a dozen live tracks.

So if, despite my previous recommendations, you still don’t own any Triffids’ material then there really is no better place to start than the (vinyl) beginning. Then buy the rest.

Here’s one of my all-time favourite Triffids songs:

The Triffids – Hell of a Summer (from ‘Treeless Plain’) [Buy it] [Download it]

As ever I have provided a link for those who wish to purchase the download version of the LP (and it’s heartening to see that people have followed the link from The Black Swan post) but, honestly, this is one record you really want to hear in its full glory on CD.