There’s Nothing On But Repeats

Haven’t done this for a while. Here’s the top 2 songs from February and March on the site.

February’s most popular track was from Bob Mould:

Bob Mould – Stupid Now (from ‘District Line’) [Buy it] [Download it]

‘District Line’ isn’t Bob’s best but there’s enough on there to keep us going. Bob tours the UK in May (tickets) and, if the US reviews are anything to go by, he’s still more than capable of putting on a great show. Miss it at your peril. You can get a taste of the live show with the excellent DVD ‘Circle of Friends’. [Buy it]

March’s top tune was something completely different:

The Coward Brothers – The People’s Limousine (single) [Buy it]

The Coward Brothers won’t be touring any time soon but, by coincidence, the other month’s Uncut repeated a Coward Brothers interview from the days of yore.