The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

TV21- Citrus Club, 14th June 2008

It’s funny how quickly things can change. At the tail end of last year a TV21 set relied heavily on old material. Yet in the space of just two gigs the balance has shifted dramatically in favour of new material.

After the live debuts in February of the excellent ‘Time and Again’ and ‘How Did You Get It So Wrong?’ last night’s show at the Citrus Club saw the live debuts of 3 more new tunes which meant that the majority of the set comprised new 21st Century TV21 tunes.

So the song most certainly hasn’t remained the same, but some other things don’t change. Once again the band was tremendous, both as a unit and in terms of their individual contributions. Whether playing an old song or one of the new ones the energy and vitality of their performances remain so impressive. And with a good sound there was absolutely nothing to find fault with.

Of the trio of songs making their debut perhaps the bittersweet pop tune ‘Forever 22’ impressed the most whilst second outings for ‘TAG’ and ‘HDYGISW?’ confirmed both as big MPT favourites.

Otherwise the most notable version of any song was probably the closing ‘On The Run’. Perhaps due to the show slightly overrunning the song was given something of a boost in tempo (much closer to the single’s pacing) and it really worked extremely well. The only disappointment factor about the song was that it was ended just as Ally was really starting to cut loose in the song’s coda.

Not that these were the only highlights – I could pretty much list the remainder of the set as such.

The only real disappointment of the evening was that there were so few people to see the band. It seems that the gig might not have been terribly well publicised but it’s difficult to believe that people don’t see this band then go off and rave about them. Next chance to catch them is at Dunfermline on the 26th (tickets here) and if you’re in the vicinity I would urge you to get along. At the moment, TV21 are something special.

The show was opened by Jay Brown. Back by a five piece band (including TV21’s Simon on drums) Jay’s Americana flavoured rock worked pretty well in a live context. It’s the sort of thing you can imagine going down well with Uncut magazine.

A live version of a song which was dropped from last night’s setlist due to time constraints:

TV21 – End of A Dream (live)

Get Dunfermline tickets here. TV21 are also playing the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool in August.

The new LP is largely recorded and will hopefully be out later in the year.

TV21 Setlist

1. One Day In Summertime 2. Last Man Standing 3. When Cole Was King 4. Best Day of the Year 5. Time and Again 6. Something’s Wrong 7. It’s Me 8. Forever 22 9. Look To The Sun 10. How Did You Get It So Wrong? 11. Tomorrow 12. On The Run

Photos from the show here .

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