Finished Charles Stross’s ‘Glasshouse’ on holiday recently and whilst I’ve liked his other books (quite a bit actually) ‘Glasshouse’ is the best I’ve read to date. An intelligent sci-fi thriller centred around what memory means to us as individuals and as a society, the Glasshouse of the title is supposedly a research sociological experiment aimed… Read More Glasshouse

Unruly Boys

Here’s the second in MPT’s series of classic radio broadcast gigs. And hopefully featuring the Smiths will prove to be something of a crowd pleaser. This gig actually took place on 2nd March 1984 at the Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, not the Glasgow University Union as mentioned in the original Radio Clyde broadcast. The show… Read More Unruly Boys


A final round-up of the best stuff I’ve heard for the first time this year (or re-released in one case!): Sleater-Kinney – Far Away (from ‘One Beat’) [Buy the CD] [Download it] I’d no sooner purchased their last LP than S/K inconsiderately split up. At least I have the back catalogue to explore and ‘One… Read More 2008YTD3


Time to take a wee peek backwards on the year to date with (almost) all new songs. But frustratingly I can’t share with you probably the best song I’ve heard all year (‘Forever 22’ by TV21) since it hasn’t been released yet. So you’ll have to make do with this lot instead: British Sea Power… Read More 2008YTD1