More of the best from the stuff I’ve bought in 2008:

De Rosa – Ore (from ‘Appendices’) [Get it]

As a build up to new LP ‘Prevention’ in the autumn De Rosa are releasing one free track on the first Monday of every month. ‘Ore’ was the second release, and it is quite astonishing that they aren’t going to put it on the record. Absolutely brilliant.

Bob Mould – Again and Again (from ‘District Line’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

Not my favourite Bob LP it has to be said but ‘Again and Again’ is probably the highlight – the track lifted to great heights by the subtle keyboards backing throughout. A reminder that Mr Mould is far from a spent force.

The Breeders – It’s The Love (from ‘Mountain Battles’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

MB was a pleasingly eclectic release from country to the spooky closing title track but there was some more traditional Breeders’ guitar pop on there as well and this was probably the best example.

Frightened Rabbit – Floating In The Forth (from ‘Midnight Organ Fight’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

A band I’d heard a lot about but didn’t hear until recently, ‘Midnight Organ Fight’ proves that the Scottish scene is pretty healthy just now. FR musically have the potential to be huge – their lyrics though may conspire to keep them as a cult band.

The Room – On The Beach (from ‘In Evil Hour/Clear!) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

20 odd years late, I finally got round to getting an LP by the Room – 2 in fact since the reissue includes not just ‘In Evil Hour’ but also the slightly peculiar mini-LP ‘Clear’. Caught between new pop (80s style) and wanting to be the Fall, this Room is actually worth hanging around in.

Still more to come …