A final round-up of the best stuff I’ve heard for the first time this year (or re-released in one case!):

Sleater-Kinney – Far Away (from ‘One Beat’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

I’d no sooner purchased their last LP than S/K inconsiderately split up. At least I have the back catalogue to explore and ‘One Beat’ is pretty good stuff, a league above the likes of Be Your Own Pet.

Robert Forster The Evangelist (from ‘The Evangelist’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

The ex-Go-Between’s first solo LP since the death of bandmate Grant McLennan has been covered on here in the last fortnight. Here’s the title track, another example of how good the record is.

dEUS – Oh Your God (from ‘Vantage Point’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

Unfortunately ‘Vantage Point’ hasn’t grabbed me to the same extent as previous dEUS LPs. Which isn’t to say that there isn’t plenty of good stuff on it, just that it perhaps lacks stand-outs like ‘Suds & Soda’ or even ‘Sun Ra’. ‘Oh Your God’ is the liveliest track on the record.

R.E.M. – Until The Day Is Done (from ‘Accelerate’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

For whatever reason ‘Accelerate’ didn’t fully convince. The stodgy production led to more than one person saying that the whole thing sounded like one long song and that’s maybe part of it. But as a way of blasting away the cobwebs of the recent records, it did just fine.

The Triffids – Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think (from ‘The Black Swan’) [Buy the CD] [Download it]

The main Triffids’ LPs have now been covered in the Domino reissue programme following (deep breath) the simultaneous releases of ‘The Black Swan’, ‘Treeless Plain’ and ‘Beautiful Waste and Other Stories’. This is the opening track, which was actually an old song that featured on one of the earlier Triffids cassette LPs.

Back to live shows next post.


  1. Jon says:

    You choice if REM’s Until The Day Is Done is spot on. It is the highlight of the new record (one I happened to have loved upon first listen but have since fallen away from since.) Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks, Jon. As far as ‘Accelerate’ goes, I think the whole doesn’t equal the sum of the parts. I think REM are good at being REM still but I think they’ve forgotten why REM was great.

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