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The Smiths

Here’s the second in MPT’s series of classic radio broadcast gigs. And hopefully featuring the Smiths will prove to be something of a crowd pleaser.

This gig actually took place on 2nd March 1984 at the Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, not the Glasgow University Union as mentioned in the original Radio Clyde broadcast. The show was sold out well in advance as it took place just after the Smiths began to break big.

Like the Mercury Rev recording, I was also at this show but only thanks to the generosity of a friend since I managed to miss out on getting a ticket initially. Anyhow, here’s the Smiths from 1984:

01 Hand In Glove
02 Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
03 Girl Afraid
04 This Charming Man
05 Pretty Girls Make Graves
06 Still Ill
07 This Night Has Opened My Eyes
08 Barbarism Begins At Home
09 Back To The Old House
10 What Difference Does It Make?
11 Reel Around The Fountain
12 You’ve Got Everything Now
13 Handsome Devil

To be honest, I remember more about the atmosphere of the show than the gig itself. The QM was packed solid and even in my younger days I do remember feeling a little crushed that night. In retrospect it seems like a very short gig at only 13 songs but it’s not something I can particularly recall. Disappointingly the other 2 Scottish shows I saw on the same tour (Dundee Uni where the band briefly left the stage after a spitting incident and Edinburgh Coasters when I remember we were miles back from the stage) featured the same set. I saw the Smiths a good few times but to be honest none made much of an impression.

Possibly the most memorable incident in fact came after another Dundee gig at the Caird Hall the following year when I attempted to buy a round and was refused service at the age of 23-ish! And I was the oldest person in our group!

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  1. jc says:


    I’ve known you many a year….and how you managed to keep from me the fact that you had a recording of this show defies belief.

    I’ve a feeling I might be singing your praises (and possibly sending a few punters over your way) in the next 24 hours…

  2. You know what, JC? I’d actually completely forgotten about it! And I did play the tape quite a lot at the time, not least because it had ‘Barbarism’ on it.

    I just assumed that you would have picked it up at the time since it was from a Clyde broadcast.

  3. jc says:

    I’ve always been way too cool to listen to Radio ‘Old Firm’…..and besides it was probaly the loathsome Billy Sloan that had it as part of his show.

    Link to this post will arrive on the morning of Wednesday 29 July. I’ll be disgusted if you dont get another spike in traffic…

  4. Actually it wasn’t part of Billy Sloan’s show – it was part of a series of live broadcasts introuced by Mark Goodier in his pre Radio 1 days. You’ll kick yourself just a little bit more for not listening out for the Smiths show – the following week’s set was from … Orange Juice! I don’t think I’ve got it, though I could be wrong.

    Incidentally the aforementioned Mr Sloan sold me two James King singles at a Glasgow record fair to bring this whole conversation full circle!

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