This Pathetic Song

I haven’t had any spare time in the last week or so hence the lack of a post. Unfortunately I don’t have much right now either so here’s music rather than words from something, again, I’d completely forgotten that I had, which again strays deep into Vinyl Villain territory.
Orange Juice -In A Nutshell
Orange Juice – Simply Thrilled Honey
Orange Juice – Dying Day
This is a companion piece to the Smiths gig from last month since these recordings were, I’m fairly sure, taken from the broadcast on Radio Clyde the week after the Smiths’ show went out. However these songs are actually not taped from the radio but instead are taken from an official release – a bonus cassette issued with the Orange Juice single ‘What Prescence!?”.


  1. jc says:


  2. david says:

    Think these were recorded by Radio Clyde too, at the Glasgow Pavillion show. Anyone know for sure?

  3. Yes, David, should have made that clear. The cassette confirms that info and the gig being on 26/3/84.

    The run out of the Smiths gig on Clyde indicates that Orange Juice were on the following week although instead of 1 long set, they were sharing the programme with the Cocteau Twins. So presumably 6 or 7 songs would have been broadcast for each.

  4. david says:

    Cheers MPT. I used to work for Clyde and as a leaving present I was ‘offered’ the master tape of the Smiths gig. Well pleased I was until we went up to the attic where all those masters were stored, to find that it had already been nicked. Anybody out there got it?

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