Storm Vibrations

A week without posting is an unwanted record for MPT so I better break that drought.

Every now and again I discover a band that I just wish that I’d played in. Or think would make a good subject for an obscure covers band.

One such band is Guided By Voices, who were initially brought to my attention by the Sugarlist. So far I’ve only got the last 3 LPs (I’m working backwards – slowly) and I’ve talked about them briefly before. But I felt that they were worth a return visit.

I got ‘Universal Truths and Cycles’ (2002) recently and it’s easily the equal of my favourite (so far) ‘Earthquake Glue’. Given that songwriter Robert Pollard has something of a reputation for lack of quality control I’m pleasantly surprised at the strength of ‘UT&C’. In fact,a rarity for a back catalogue LP, it has demanded repeat plays recently, something I often struggle to find the time to do with older stuff. Of course the dearth of current LPs is a factor but I do think it would be cool to (be able to) play these songs to a baffled audience.

Guided By Voices – Christian Animated Torch Carriers (from ‘Universal Truths and Cycles’) [Buy it] [Download it]