A Million Daddy Longlegs

Just in from seeing Idlewild at Elmwoodstock. Idlewild seem to have reached a stage of real dependability and this evening’s set was largely drawn from ‘Make Another World’ and last year’s Best Of.  Essentially the set pushed all the buttons you would expect which means to say that it was pretty good all  round. Particular highlights included ‘In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction’, ‘In Competition’ and encore ‘Everybody Says Your So Fragile’. Perhaps the main distinguishing feature of the set was Roddy forgetting the words during ‘Modern Way’.

It’s the seventh time I’ve seen the band so surprises didn’t really feature in my expectations. No, what made this gig so different was that it was the first time my boys have seen a proper band. Given that it was local and they are both familiar with a lot of the Idlewild’s recent material, it seemed a good way to introduce them to one of their dad’s obsessions.

They’ve recently got into ‘Roseability’ so it was a good start for that to be the opener and to see them both singing along was one of those proud dad moments. C however was quickly distracted by one of his pals turning up but wee S stuck with the whole set all the way through even if he actually managed a quick nap during ‘American English’ standing up clinging to his mum’s leg! Now there’s a boy with taste.

They both seemed to have enjoyed the experience (even if S’s favourite ‘El Capitan was posted AWOL) and I’d like to think that they will in time find their own way into their own tastes.

Because of the kids’ attendance we didn’t do the whole event, which miraculously avoided the rain, and arrived in time to catch the last few songs of Sergeant‘s set. They seem to be very much on the rise at the moment but it wasn’t clear why to me given that they seem to fit into that identikit Scottish indie jangly pop genre.

Better were State of Affairs who had played the main stage earlier in the day but played a short, punchy and ever so slightly drunken set on the second stage just before Idlewild took to the stage.

DIsappointingly for the organisers the show didn’t come close to the 5,000 capacity but it still seems set to continue for another year next year. Let’s hope the weather’s a little warmer!

For C and S:

Idlewild – El Capitan (from ‘Warnings/Promises’) [Buy it] [Download it]

Idlewild Setlist

1. Roseability  2. In Competition For The Worst Time  3. No Emotion  4. When I Argue I See Shapes  5. Make Another World  6. A Modern Way of Letting Go  7. Love Steals Us From Loneliness  8. You Held The World In Your Arms  9. American English  10. Little Discourage  11. Blame It On Obvious Ways  12. Paint Nothing  13. Let Me Sleep (Next To The Mirror)  14. Live In A Hiding Place  15. Ghost In The Arcade  16. In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction


17. Everyone Says You’re So Fragile  18. The Bronze Medal


  1. Ed says:

    Idlewild still rule. Have seen them live several times and they really are something special.


  2. grsnt says:

    Thanks for the comment on us.Hope it wasnt to all over the place for you. It was an unexpected set to say the least! but fun all the same.
    state of affairs

  3. jc says:

    You took the boys to a gig???? I’m still waiting for my old man to do that!!!!

  4. Hi Ed, nice to hear from you again. Going to any of the Tut’s shows in December?

    Hi Grant, I would have liked to have seen you earlier as well but that’s the way it goes. I’d definitely like to see more at some stage.

    Hi JC, there are probably about 3 or 4 bands that the boys had a chance of enjoying and when one of them is playing in your back garden (almost!) it just seemed to good an opportunity to miss. That’s S playing air guitar/banjo at the top of the page BTW.

  5. Ed says:

    I’m not going to Tuts at the moment, think the only Glasgow gig i have coming up is Stereolab…

  6. I think I’d probably be up for the ‘Broken Windows’ show but that’s probably sold out already. It’s also just before Christmas which is far from an ideal time to go traipsing through to Glasgow in midweek.

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