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Spear of Destiny / TV21 / Bobbi Peru – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh – 28th September 2008

Sunday night at Cabaret Voltaire presented what seems at the moment to be an all too rare opportunity to see TV21 live. The signs weren’t too promising – a couple of the band were feeling less than 100% and there was very little room on the stage for the band to perform. And things weren’t helped by the opening band going on stage late which resulted in the TV21 set being cut short with ‘On The Run’ still to be played.

Yet none of this seemed to faze the band who put in a typically energetic performance. In advance I was curious about the make up of the set since it was their first support slot for quite a while and the first this year since a number of new songs have been debuted live. And it turned out that the emphasis was very much on the new tunes as only ‘Something’s Wrong’ survived from TV21 Mark 1 (although OTR should have joined it).

Old new ones ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Look To The Sun’ have rarely sounded better but it was two of the newer songs which really stood out. I think I’ve said it before but ‘Forever 22’ is a wonderful pop song, replete with jangly guitars and capped by Ally’s fabulous solo near the end. By contrast ‘How Did You Get It So Wrong?’ is a big rock song with an interesting arrangement and Sunday’s version benefited from the full-bodied sound.

All of which promises great things from the new LP which may, or may not be, nearing completion. Whenever it appears it is certainly something to look forward to.

Earlier on Bobbi Peru had taken the stage. A three piece, they seemed perched somewhere between punk and metal. Iitially I was a little sceptical but they turned out better than I’d hoped. They also seem to have a knac for covers as they played Devo’s ‘Whip It’ (and you can hear their version of the Cure’s ‘Killing an Arab@ on their Myspace).

With a few late nights recently I didn’t bother staying around for much of headliners Spear of Destiny so it’s probably fairer not to pass comment but instead point you in this direction where you can read a review of both their set and TV21’s.

Here’s an old version of a song that should have been played on Sunday:

TV21 – On The Run (live) (from BBC In Concert)

I’ll rip the rest of this show in the near future.


  1. Bobbie Peru ROCKED!! Loved their version of Whip it even though their drummer cut it short for some reason.

  2. Murray says:

    did I give you the bbc live in concert stuff ? I’ve put it onto cd from a tape recorded off the radio at the time, its pretty top quality, although the tapes probably suffered from a lot of plays through the years

  3. Hi Murray, do you mean the TV21 set? No, but I’ve rediscovered my own copy, hence the song. I’m pretty sure that it’s the MP3 which was up here which has appeared on their Myspace. Will have to get round to ripping the whole set and using it at an appropriate time.

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