Wealth and Hell Being

I’ve written about the late Guided by Voices on more than 1 occasion but until recently had never been tempted by mainman Robert Pollard’s solo career. That’s down largely to his reputation for being erratic and lacking a modicum of quality control.

But his summer LP ‘Robert Pollard’s Off To Business’ garnered respectable reviews and since I was going through something of a drought in terms of new releases, I decided to take the plunge.

The first thing to strike me about ‘RPOTB’ is that it lacks the immediacy of the GBV LPs I own. Unusually for an LP involving Mr Pollard there are no obvious stand-out tracks on the LP to drag you back and suck you in.

Nonetheless perseverance pays off in this instance. That the songs aren’t necessarily desperate to make a quick impression may serve the record well by ensuring longevity. In particular side 2 packs a pretty mean punch.There’s the odd nod to contemporaries (‘Gratification to Concrete’ features a synth riff which wouldn’t be out of place on the Flaming Lips’ ‘At War With The Mystics’) but Pollard’s sonic template remains on familiar ground owing a big debt to the ’60s.

Here’s a track from the LP:

Robert Pollard – ‘Wealth & Hell Being’ (from ‘Robert Pollard Is Off To Business’) [Buy the CD] [Download the LP]