MPT Presented – The Wildhouse – 21st November 2008


Of the three bands who played on Friday, the Wildhouse were the only one that I hadn’t played before. And yet, because when I’d been listening to a lot of Myspaces looking for bands they were the one that jumped out as my sort of band, I had high expectations.

And they more than lived up to these expectations in the course of their ear shredding set. Drawing on the primal energy of the likes of the Velvet Underground they started deceptively quietly and even paused for a handful of seconds after the first song. Thereafter they finished their set without pausing, the songs  typically ending in squalls of feedback only for Sheila’s drums to kick the next song into life.

The spirit of the Mary Chain in 1985 is very much evoked and that means that underneath all the noise there are songs.

It’s a curios thing that a band like this could be going for years (on and off), yet I’d never caught up with them before.  But I’ll definitely be looking to see them again before too long because they were fantastic.

From Friday’s set:

The Wildhouse – St Judas (live)

The Wildhouse are playing the Balcony Bar in Dundee on Friday 5th December.



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