The F-Word


F’uh Kinnell! For whatever reason (and rock’s too knowing for it to be a random outbreak of Tourette’s) there seems to have been a pandemic of bad language in band names in recent time. We’ve had Fucked Up, Holy Fuck, plain old Fuck and Fuck Buttons. And doubtless many more.

I mention this because the latter band were one I investigated via my emusic subscription based purely on end of year lists. I’ve said before that the subscription hasn’t had the desired effect of broadening my horizons as much as I’d like it to so every now and again I have a blowout on stuff without peer in the collection.

And Fuck Buttons are definitely a hit. Their LP from last year only features six tracks but is an exhilarating exercise in repetition, rhythm, noise and, even melody. Opening track ‘Sweet Love For Mother Earth’ is a decent example – opening on gentle melodic synths, noise and rhythms are added to brutal effect. It’s actually almost 10 minutes long yet it doesn’t feel like that.

Brutlaity is perhaps the key – a lot of this record is aggression passed off as electronic music. It’s also almost entirely instrumental, any vocals included are heavily sampled wordless, screams.

Not for everybody, I guess, but I think it’s fucking brilliant. If I’m allowed to amend my end of year list, then this is in, near the top.

The video for single Colours Move.