Music In Public Places (1)


My past has reared itself in a couple of unexpected places in public in the last couple of days.

First of all, during a visit to the dentist  I heard on the radio what is in truth a very influential record in my development as a music fan.

Two things you should know – I was a late developer in terms of listening to music and I was NOT a cool kid. Prior to hearing this song I was very much a passive consumer of music, listening to the radio without hearing much to really inspire me to go out and buy. Then I heard this:

Dave Edmunds – Girls Talk (from ‘Repeat When Necessary’ [Buy it]

Now this maybe qualifies as something of a skeleton in the closet, at least in as much I could have been listening to any number of influential post punk acts in 1979 when I was in fact listening to a lot of the Edmunds/Nick Lowe/Rockpile. But, perhaps due to its origins in the formative years of my musical taste, this catalogue still holds a place in my heart, even if it must be 20+ years since I last gave the parent LP a spin.

Briefly, Edmunds’ roots were in 50s rock’n’roll and his recording career was unusual at this time because it was a throwback to the early years of rock in so much as it was largely based on recording other people’s songs (including those of long term partner in crime Nick Lowe.)

‘Girls Talk’ was written by Elvis Costello and it has to be said that Edmunds’ version knocks spots off Elvis’s. It was one of his biggest hits reaching number 4 in the UK charts.

And here’s another track from the LP

Dave Edmunds – Take Me For A Little While (from ‘Repeat When Necessary’) [Buy it]

These days, the best of Edmunds’s stuff still works for me, but it has to be said a lot of it is fairly average. ‘Repeat When Necessary’ however perhaps features a far higher percentage of good tunes than most of his other records.


  1. jc says:

    Havent heard this in years!!! Think I prefer the EC version tho’…..

  2. Kippers says:

    Another vote for the Dave Edmunds version over here. Great post BTW.

  3. Thanks, Kippers. That’s Dave 2 Elvis 1 – any more takers?

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