Doghouse Closed?


I was shocked to read today that Dundee’s best live venue the Doghouse has been forced to shut its doors. Is this just the latest manifestation of the recession? (which is looking increasingly like a depression to this pessimist).

According to the operators, the debt that has resulted in the Council taking legal action was small, manageable and being reduced.

I certainly hope something is worked out. Whilst Dundee has a decent number of good, not dissimilarly sized, venues, the Doghouse was for me the best with good views and decent sound.

I confess that my attendance at the venue has been infrequent over the years, so I have perhaps in some small way contributed to the Doghouse’s troubles.

Here are a couple of songs I’ve heard played at the venue over the years:

The Delgados – Pull The Wires From The Wall (from ‘The Complete BBC Peel Sessions’) [Buy or download it]

The Twilight Sad – Cold Days From The Birdhouse (from ‘Here, It Never Snowed, Afterwards It Did’) [Buy it] [Download it]

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  1. jc says:

    but you gotta admit it was a daft name for a venue…

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