Your Lucky Day In Hell


I don’t as a rule buy Greatest Hits LPs. I tend to figure that, if I like something enough I’d be as well to investigate the full back catalogue whilst if it’s a band I like, the chances are I have everything I need already.

But a couple of things caught my eye over the Christmas period and at 62 tracks for under a tenner, I was persuaded to break the rule.

First up is Eels. I owned just one single by them until getting ‘Meet The Eels: Essential Eels Volume 1’ (which accounts for 24 of the 62 tracks.) That single was their debut ‘Novocaine For The Soul’ which I confess to liking but not loving. Over the years, I heard and quite liked a number of songs (particularly on MTV) including this one:

My overall impression was of a quirky pop band which eschews the obvious rock trappings. And by and large that’s what the Best Of delivers. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that the collection feels far more cohesive than a normal Best Of. Since up tempo numbers aren’t Eels’s stock in trade you end up with a record that represents the range of the band rather than one which focuses in on the rockers.

Interestingly enough it’s an exception to my rule in another sense. Whilst I do like the record, I don’t feel obligated to dive in and buy the back catalogue. So it feels like a fiver well spent.

Buy Eels records here or download them here.

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  1. jc says:

    Mark Everett’s book is a genuine classic. Very highly recommended.

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