A Few Kind Words


I’ve been listening to a lot of good new-ish stuff recently, so I thought that I’d catch up with some of that over the next few posts.

Meursault came to my attention due to the fact that they are on Song, By Toad records. You will of course be familiar with Song, By Toad the blog from which Matthew appears to be developing a globe spanning music empire. If by some fluke you aren’t familiar then it’s a fantastic blog which you should add to your favourites as soon as possible.

Meursault are in some ways an odd electro-folk concoction but the whole thing hangs together beautifully. Their electronic influences seem more early 80s pop than anything but, whilst the catchy nature of the songs is undeniable, there’s something deeper on offer as well.

Not sure what my favourite track is but the atypical lovely folk tune ‘A Small Stretch of Land’ has to be one. But the electro-bleepery of ‘A Few Kind Words’ is perhaps more representative of the record :

Meursault – A Few Kind Words (from ‘Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues’) [Buy the CD] [Download the LP]

Meursault will be playing a national tour in May and are also on the bill for Fence’s Homegame, for which, to my surprise, there still seems to have tickets available here.

Finally, a sad note. Yesterday morning we had 2 MPT cats – now there is just one. Worf passed on aged 15 and a half years. We’ll miss you, wee one.



  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks Mike, your support really is appreciated. I didn’t know whether or not to try and foist this album on you in the first place, because I wasn’t sure how you’d take to it, so it’s a relief you’re enjoying it.

  2. Hi Matthew

    You can chalk it up to my emusic sub – I’m trying to find new stuff and given that I do like a lot of the stuff that you talk about that I know, then it seemed like it was worth a punt. I’ll probably check out other SBTR stuff in the same way – presumably you’ll get some benefit!

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